Arm Blaster- A Must Equipment for Rippling Biceps

Arm blaster is exercise equipment used by gym trainers which facilitates in isolating the biceps during arm-curls. It is a harness that has to be worn on the upper part of the body as it helps to lock the arms in correct position, thus, preventing you to perform the exercise without having proper posture. It is also called Arnold’s arm blaster after Arnold Schwarzenegger started using it in 1970. Arm blaster is inexpensive equipment and should be a compulsory gear for the body builders.

This article highlights about the method of use of Arm blasters and its benefits. So, if you are wondering why the recommended bicep exercises and supplements are not helping you to develop big biceps, then these guidelines can be solutions to your predicaments.

arm blasterBenefits of Arm Blasters

Arm blasters help to maintain strict form component: You may flare out your elbows or use the shoulder muscles and lower back in order to lift your weight. Also, you may tend to rock while doing your arm curls which allow you to lift weight with the help of momentum rather than putting the weightlifting strain solely to your bicep muscles.

This elevates the risk of being affected with muscular injuries and also prevents your biceps from receiving a workout comparable to the situation when you had maintained a proper form. As a result, it limits proper growth of your biceps.

It puts the elbows in place firmly and prevents you from moving your arms. Also, since the metal of the equipment wraps around the triceps it prevents you from flaring your arms while you are wearing the harness.

It also restricts excessive swinging of your body and allows all the intended stimulation to be concentrated on your bicep muscles by isolating the biceps.

Use of Arm Blasters

In order to use the arm blaster place the fabric strap around your neck. The part of the blaster hanging from this part includes an extended piece of curved metal plate whose unique shape allow the equipment to lie against your upper abdominal muscles. However, at each end the device possess curves so that when your arms is on your side the piece of metal will slip between your arm and body and get curled around the rear position of your triceps.

This design keeps the arms firmly in position during the weightlifting exercises. When you are doing an arm curl, the upper arms is pushed by weight against the metal surface, which, thereafter, presses the metal of the device against the upper abdomen. This prevents the arm blaster from moving while you are lifting the weight.

The Arm blasters are indispensable equipments of a gym trainer to be used in conjunction with dumbbells. Avoid training your arms more than once a week and also limit to only three exercises for your biceps per day. Consult with your gym trainer and buy Arm blasters as soon as possible to get an impressive biceps muscular growth.

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