Follow Your New Year Fitness Resolution Post January With These Simple Yet Effective Fitness Tools

Are you among those people who made their fitness goals for the New Year and haven’t been able to keep up with them? Well you surely are not the only one as most people set their New Year resolutions to be fitness related but hardly go by them or complete them as planned. It is true that fitness New Year resolutions are the hardest to keep because they require not only physical effort but also a lot of motivation and inspiration. Let’s take a look at some of the effective fitness tools to keep your New Year resolution:

effective fitness tools

Be realistic

The error that most people make while setting up their fitness goals or New Year resolutions is that they get super excited and set unachievable targets. Let’s face it, each of us have certain limitations and can only go to a limit as far as fitness workouts is concerned. So identify your limits and according to them, set your targets in a realistic way. Going overboard will obviously lead you to have unfulfilled resolutions.

Start Slowly and small

Exercising, meditation, Yoga or any other form of fitness or physical workout must be started slowly and its pace must pick up only gradually, in time. Starting with too much to do will never work, even if you are a pro as far as fitness is concerned. Long term goals need to be handled carefully, with enough planning and gradual improvement.

Reward yourself

One way to keep up with your goals and especially your fitness goals is to motivate yourself from time to time. You have to keep telling yourself that you are doing well and keep your positive spirit high. If you think negatively, you will definitely not be able to complete your goals and reach your targets. The best way to motivate yourself is to reward yourself.  Give yourself some kind of treat or go out with friends to keep the spirits lifted.

Track your progress

One way to make sure you don’t give up on your New Year fitness resolution is to track your progress regularly. When you keep a tab on your improvement, only then would you be able to plan ahead and improve your achievements. Always make short term goals and not long term so as to make sure you move from one step to another.  The best way to track your progress is to maintain a journal and update it regularly.

Don’t beat yourself up

Yes, the New Year resolution to be fit is important to you and should be achieved. But if you constantly keep worrying about it, no good would come of it and your hardwork would go to waste. So give yourself a little break and stop obsessing about it.  Take one at a time and do not worry if you miss a session here and there.

Don’t give up

Remember, that you do not have to give up. Even if you fail once or twice, come back with a bang and give it another shot.