Gadget Watches Your Calorie Burning Day And Night

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows all about the counting of calories.

It is easy to know the calorific value of the food that we eat but when we are burning, it is almost impossible to calculate.

Students of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering department of a Georgia Tech have made a device that can offer a 24/7 way of monitoring your calorie burn.

Garrett Langley, a senior that headed the team of developers explained that is a simple unit providing a total solution to the management of personal fitness.gadget watches

The instrument has been nicknamed the Happy HR and is oblong and small so that it can easily be attached to a person’s wrist or even their ankle.

It gathers data in regard to exercise, which is then transferred to a personal computer via Bluetooth technology. After that, the user can utilize on-line software to look at the various statistics.

Langley was compelled to develop a machine because as a keen runner he was frustrated at the lack of any device that could easily help him monitor his daily workouts.

Besides basic pedometers and expensive monitoring apparatus, there was a real gap in the market. This is where the HappyHR will be marketed at a competitive one hundred dollars.

Langleys concept is now at the prototype stage and many others have contributed to their expertise. These include Stephen Mann, Nathan Kumar and engineering student, John Hamilton. Steve Chadwick has been Langley’s mentor on the project and is delighted with what has been achieved.