What is the Use of KBands in resistance training?

The use of resistance to increase the strength of particular groups of muscles has been the focal point of many gym activities lately. The strengthening of the core muscles like the glutes and quads as well as the hamstrings help you to lose weight faster as well as increase your agility and strength. It also increases balance and stamina at the same time by increasing speed and stamina.

Use of KBands in resistance training


Once the core muscles are strengthened, it automatically makes you stronger, quicker and faster. For this there is a unique product called K bands. Kinetic Bands or K Bands are resistance bands that are uniquely designed for your legs and provide an effective and reasonable priced option or product for an athlete to help him in increasing his speed of running, increase vertical jump or even provide an overall health.

Resistance training by using K Bands helps athletes in improving their flexibility, balance, endurance and agility. The K Bands allow them a number of activities like jumping, running, sprinting or strengthening. The bands help you to strengthen the hips, legs, core muscles and hip flexors.

How are K Bands used While Exercise Training?

Kinetic Bands can be safely adapted to any workout routine or fitness/weight-loss program and are ideal for use during sport specific training. The most important thing is that a lot of stamina is required-

How do K bands Work?

K bands offer the ability to move in a natural way even though resistance is applied above the knees or other parts of the body because of the resistance being offered by a strap. The bands are kept in place by the straps and the tension from it fires the muscles in the hips and the glutes. The hamstrings and quads may also be fired by using specific movements that target these areas. As a result the core muscles get strengthened.

Why is it important to Strengthen the Core Muscles?

The glute muscles are an important muscle to offer strength to the knees. If the knee gets injured then sometimes it is a point of no return, Hence weak glutes lead to more injuries.

The type of exercises you can do with this K bands are many. This could include leg raises and running or crunches for the abs. The resistance causes a tension in the knee which pulls the knee inward. This causes the glutes to make up for the pull by strength training. Training with the resistance from the bands will strengthen the core muscles including the lower abs also.

Working out with K bands resistance also helps in your weight loss programme to get a kick start and helps you lose weight faster by burning fat and calories faster.

Each set of Kinetic Bands has a set of leg straps, two sets of resistance bands, and a convenient mesh carry bag.

Resistance bands were also used for strength training for people who requires special training like those who had to undergo physiotherapy etc.

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