What Is A Pedometer And How Can It Help You With Your Fitness Goals?

A Pedometer is a useful device that can help you with your fitness goals by counting every step you take.

It is a digital electronic device that detects the movements of the hips and thereby calculates how many steps you take.

Pedometers are used now very commonly by people as opposed to before when they were used chiefly by athletes and sport fanatics. The pedometer can assist you in a number of ways:

We now know that one can achieve an active lifestyle by walking 10000 steps a day or its equivalent of 5 kilometers; however it is not very easy to figure out when you have achieved that goal in a day. A pedometer can help you get that information.

A pedometer is also very useful in giving encouragement to one for getting to one’s fitness goals since it tells you how far you have already come, so that you get some more encouragement to that little bit extra.

A pedometer is a useful tool to motivate those that are trying to increase their physical activity not just those that want to track their progress.

In fact, studies have shown that the use of pedometers is linked to increase in physical activity and lowering of blood pressure and body mass index.