World’s First Compact Personal Oxygen Supply For Your Workout

A new gadget that claims to up the intensity, efficacy and duration of your workout is here. This is your own personal portable oxygen supply that you can carry with you wherever you go in the form of a backpack.

The claim is that whereas the air that you breathe in has about 20% oxygen, that proportion of oxygen can be elevated to 30%. As a result one is supposed to be able to run farther and for longer.


Since better oxygen supply also hastens the body’s metabolic process, this is supposed to facilitate weight loss as well. In addition to all this, the gadget which runs for one and a half hours and weighs one and half Kg, will stimulate the brain (creating nootropic effects) and increase skin moisture and therefore has anti aging effects as well the manufacturers claim.

The product now retails for the very substantial sum of $2681 plus shipping so one is definitely likely to pause to see whether it makes any sense to buy. After all there is not enough data to substantiate all the various claims that the manufacturers are making, and one would wonder if it isn’t better to simply learn some deep breathing techniques and have done with it!