10000 Steps – A Great Way To Achieve Fitness And Weight Loss!

According to the health professionals, walking 10,000 steps a day is good for fitness. When you do it regularly, it provides several significant health benefits.

It reduces the chance of developing serious health conditions such as heart attack, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancer types, and depression.

Are you on the way to achieve good health and fitness by walking 10,000 steps a day? But, before starting your 10000 steps to fitness, gain a clear idea about the workout and the essentials required to achieve fitness and good health.walking

The first and foremost aspect to know about this fitness program is why do health care professionals recommend only 10000 steps.

According to the research of Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research, 10000 steps a day is enough for a person to stay fit. Moreover, 10000 steps a day equals to thirty minutes of moderate physical activity on a daily basis.

According to the aerobic research evaluation, person taking less than 5000 steps a day is inactive; taking 5000-7500 steps a day is low active; 7500-10000 steps a day is slightly active and requires some walking (in any form); and taking more than 10000 steps a day is active.

Walking 10000 steps equals to 5 miles. A mile in this case refers to 1000 paces and a pace is nothing but two steps (one step/one foot). To stay fit and healthy, health care professions often recommend walking about 10000 steps a day.

But, it doesn’t mean you need to walk five miles a day. It refers only to the total steps you walk a day. It can be walking to the grocery store or within the house. Overall, your walking steps should total 10000 steps or five miles.

According to the health care professionals, boys between the ages 6-12 should take 15000 steps per day and girls of this age group should take 12000 steps a day.

These professionals often recommend walking 10000 steps, as a fitness program, wearing pedometers and good walking shoes.

Simple guidelines to consider before beginning 10000 steps fitness program!

Before beginning a 10000 steps fitness program, consider the following guidelines:

  • As pedometer is the key to the 10000 steps fitness program, it is good to buy a perfect model–good at accuracy and easy to wear.
  • To succeed in walking 10000 steps a day, it is good to have a pair of comfortable shoes. So, choose the one with soothing and comfortable effect. Remember that discomfort in the feet can keep you away from moving forward.
  • As a beginner, for the initial week, try walking according to your activity level. Do not change it. Also, observe and note down the number of steps you typically can take in a day. This gives you a clear idea of your ability and starting point. Notice your progression on a weekly basis. This serves as a motivation for you to reach 10,000 steps.
  • A good idea to reach your 10000 steps is to find the ways of walking–take the stairs rather than the elevator for going upstairs; park your vehicle farther away from the shopping area—as these small activities also counts in your 10000 steps fitness program.