15 Minutes Workout For A Healthy Heart

In a classical city-living day, people have difficulties to spare some time to work out.

They are torn apart between having to look for themselves or to look for their daily duties. Thus, they mostly choose not to spare time exercising.

In order to prevent this situation, a 15-minutes workout includes the daily exercising routines, squashes them and gets them the chance for a healthier heart condition.

Researchers found out that several times a week, it is important to raise the heartbeat about 20-30 minutes. However, for those who have limited time, a 15-minutes increased heartbeat will also affect the heart in a positive way compared to a non-exercised heart.15 Minutes Workout

The exercises contain 5-minutes of cardio, 5-minutes of weights and 5-minutes of stretching. It is highly recommended not to start with weight lifting before increasing the heart beat properly by cardio exercises. So let’s give an example.

The session starts with cardio exercises to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and eventually sweat the body. It is important to sweat, in order to understand the effort is being made and the heart is working during the process.

The exercises that can be done during cardio are jumping a rope, dancing, bouncing on trampoline and practicing power yoga. Or if the routine can be done outdoors, running would be a good cardio exercise with benefits to heart, legs and thighs.

After cardio, weight lifting time comes. The weight exercises enable the balance to be active and engage the muscles in abdomens and back, which can be considered as the core parts of the body.

During these moves, be sure to feel the squeeze feeling of the muscles in order to understand that they work and answer to the moves.

The weight exercises are doing push-ups against the walls, holding a 3-5-pound weight in each hand and do choreography with both arms and legs.

The last exercise which closes the session is stretching. The moves aim to release the tension and increase circulation. Taking these moves as meditation with right breathing techniques will make the relaxing period more efficient.

These exercises include stretching body legs and arms in proper ways. They can be searched through websites or special stretching books and guides.

To be healthy, it is a must to make time for working out the body. For people who do not have enough time to do this, the 15-minutes exercise routine helps to remain fit and aware of their physical state.

So, now it is recommended to stop finding excuses for not exercising and make this 15-minutes daily workout a routine for a healthier being.

(5 minute for arms, 5 minutes for legs, 5 minutes for abdomen)