4 Common Excuses To Not Get Fit

“I had a hard week at work”, “yes, ok, but after watching this cool movie”, “… and I’m tired”.

Are these sentences familiar? If they are, congratulations, here is the membership card of “finding perfect excuses for not getting fit”’ club!

In today’s fast and tiring lifestyle, people find it hard to spare some time to exercising.

No, exercising does not include carrying the child’s bag as a heavy lift or walking from bathroom to study room as jogging.fit

So, the ultimate question is why do people avoid exercising that much bother to make excuses about not doing them?

  1. First excuse may be the time issue. “I don’t have time” is an easy sentence to say, however, for exercising one should “make” time. There is always time for something, it is important to use it wisely for the best beneficial activities.
  2. The other excuse is that the fitness gear is too expensive, and going to a gym is not free at all. If the need is to do an overall body workout, then it is necessary to go to a gym but if only cardio exercises will make the body fit, then a pair of running shoes and a nice tracksuit are the only necessities.

Depending on the weather, cycling, jogging or running can be the cheapest ways to exercise.

  1. Time is ok, a gym membership is done, but all these fitness equipments are too boring, right? Sometimes it may be boring to do the same moves in order to work specific parts of the body. To get rid of this excuse, mp3 players are highly recommended. With the favorite music, no exercise can get any boring. Or if the fitness gear is at home, doing sports while watching a good movie in front of TV might be also a good idea.
  2. The last favorite excuse is being a coach potato. One of the laziest excuses is postponing the start-day of exercise. “I will do it next day/week/month …” is the favorite sentence used for this excuse. To stop this habit, do not wait for a date such as 01.01 and start immediately. Put a mark on the schedule that shows the “day 1” being now.