4 Fitness Resolutions for 2014

For many people a new year comes with new resolutions and at least one if not several are fitness related. Getting in shape, losing weight or fitting in a designated pair of jeans are a bit too random to actually make a difference when turned into a 2014 resolution. In case you want to have results consider setting your goals in a realistic shape and set your mind to follow the right track towards achieving them. Here are a few examples of motivating fitness resolutions for 2014.

4 Fitness Resolutions for 2014

Your body knows best

Pushing too hard may cause your fitness routine to backfire. Treat your body with care and if you splurged in tasty treats and drinks during the holidays don’t get mad if the scale shows a weight gain. Running to the gym and pushing yourself to sweat it all off in a day will not generate any positive result but rather push your body into a “defense mode”.

Take it one step at the time and combine cardio with strength training, start with short sessions and work gradually to the desired intensity. Your body will respond better if treated with kindness.

Appreciate your results

Get rid of the bad habit of over judging yourself for not working hard enough. The body is ruled by the mind and if the mind commands it,so it will be. In case you hang on to a self-loathing state of mind no matter how hard you push the results won’t appear. Be satisfied with increasing the number of reps and the amount of time spent exercising and set your own pace regardless you work out in a gym or you took your girlfriends for a run.

Be specific

Many of us plan to work 2 or 3 times a week, or simply over the weekend. This vague approach leads to a laid back attitude that makes us postpone the workout for another day. Set a specific schedule and make notes in your agenda.  Decide the exact moments of the week ( Tuesday) and the hour interval( 4-5 pm) and you will be more motivated to follow the routine.

Small goals, big results

Thinking you want to lose 10 pounds in 1 week is not only unrealistic but also unhealthy. This kind of attitude hides behind giving up and losing hope. Fitness wise it is better to set realistic, small goals that are destined for success. For example set your target to fit into clothing one size smaller, in 2 months. This amount of time will allow your routine, mindset and habits to line up towards that particular purpose. This will mean that you will naturally choose eating healthier, working out to trim the body and take better care of yourself. As a result of this holistic fitness resolution you will not only look but also feel better.