40’s and the Fabulously Fit Famous Hunks

When it comes to celebrities, it is no wonder that we can see numerous famous people over 40 who still look great; thanks to their personal trainers and chefs, not to mention the money and time they spend taking care of their physical appearance. Now that is something that not everybody could do.

Fabulously Fit Famous Hunks

1. Hugh Jackman

Have you ever considered how he manages to stay so fit? He is like a workout machine. He is swimming, running, dancing and boxing on a regular basis. According to him boxing is one of the best ways to work out and to stay in shape. This is the way to go in case you would like to lose some weight and you are looking for an activity that isn’t boring.

2. Patrick Dempsey

The actor is already 45, but he rides the bike very often and he is also working out with weights on a weekly basis. He loves biking so much that he started a challenge back in 2009. This is an annual event at which the participants have to run, bike or walk to raise money for the foundation of the actor.

3. George Clooney

He is still said to be one of the favorites of women. Although he is already 50 and had some health issues in the past, he is still fit and healthy. His secret is bikram, also known as hot yoga. It is a type of yoga that is performed at a higher temperature that is great for core and upper body strength.

4. Richard Gere

The well-known actor is 62 and he is trying to maintain his youth through meditation. He could be doing this in a temple in Indonesia or at the beach. According to him through this activity he can motivate himself through the day. He also stated that his goal is to remain healthy.

5. Will Smith

The actor is known for always being in top shape, but it’s not only his body that he is working with. According to one of the speeches that he delivered, the most important activities are running and reading. The reason for this is that no matter what kind of problem you may have, surely another person had it before you and he or she wrote a book about it.

As you can see it is possible to be over 40 and still to be in top shape just as these celebrities.