5 Mistakes In The Overweight Children Fitness Program

Overweight has become a real problem over the past few years. The statistics show a constant increase of overweight children every year.

Given the way our contemporary life is, it is no wonder that this is happening.

First of all the parents barely have time to take care of all the things their children need.

Proper nutrition and healthy physical activities are certainly a part of them. Next, the age of computers and the possibility to socialize while seated at home in front of the monitor just boosts the inactivity of all children.swimming chld

A fitness program is definitely an excellent choice for children with overweight problems. A stimulus like the fitness will set their already fast paced metabolism on fire, and great results can be achieved in no time.

But in order this to be done, the most common mistakes made by people all over the world have to be avoided first.

The most common mistake that people make is pushing their child too hard. Everyone can understand why this is happening, anyone would want his child to be healthy and weigh like the rest of the children of his age, but sending the kid to a bunch of activities in a same week is simply too much.

Soccer practice, karate, swimming, etc. in one week will only get the child tired and bored. The only result you will get from this is your child wanting to quit and maybe hate those sports forever.

Also giving laxatives to your child after a hard sport activity will get you nowhere. Doing this after exercising will lead to body dehydration. This could even be dangerous, so just avoid it.

Forbidding a child to eat after his exercise is a mistake that also needs avoiding. Every exercise burns energy so it is quite normal for anyone to be hungry after it.

So giving your kid one piece of chocolate to restore some of the lost energy will do the trick. It is better one piece after exercising than a whole box later.

When it comes to motivation it is better not to say to your child that it has or must exercise. “Try it” would be a much better approach.

Everyone should know that not every child can or wants to run, so you should keep in mind that running is not the only solution, walking is an exercise too.

Also, parents are always role-models for their children so if you are not exercising nor will your kid, but if you set yourself as a good example surely your child will follow.