5 Must Know Fitness Tips For Postmenopausal Women

Postmenopausal women have fitness needs just like anyone else. Their needs can be different from most of the population.

There are many tips for fitness but here are the top five must know tips for both physical fitness and mental fitness.

1.  Fitness In 10

Believe it or not, working out as little as 10 minutes a day can help you become more fit.

Postmenopausal women working out 10 minutes a day will end up with 70 minutes per week of exercise. This really adds up. By taking it slow, you will eventually work up to the minimum of 30 minutes per day.

2. Taking Vitex

When postmenopausal women age, there are certain vitamins and minerals that they begin to lack. One of the best natural supplements is Vitex.

Vitex balances the hormonal system and the recommended dose is 30 to 40 milligrams. This will take at least several months to work. This works in the long term balancing the hormonal flow.

3. Strength Training

This type of exercise is excellent for not only improving the health of postmenopausal women, but it also is known to make you feel better mentally.

A good mental attitude along with exercise, especially strength training is a plus. Strength training strengthens weak joints and muscles.

4. Reduce Trans Fat Levels

This is a must know when dealing with postmenopausal women. There is medical evidence that shows a reduction in the trans fat that is consumed will lower your cholesterol levels, which will also lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. This is one of the risk factors that affect post menopausal ladies the most. By changing your diet, you lower your risk.

5.  Keep a Good Frame of Mind

Over the years, many postmenopausal women have become at risk for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Studies have found that keeping a good frame of mind can actually help with depression. Keeping your mind sharp will also help fight mental illness.

By learning to play a musical instrument, for example, helps to keep your mind sharp. Staying connected to family and friends will also help to combat this.

These are five tips that should help you with both physical and mental fitness problems that can happen when you go into menopause. By using these 5 tips, you will have a better chance of staying fit and happy during and after menopause.