5 Not So True Fitness Myths

Together with the development of technology, the need of man-power becomes null and void.

Many people work and do their daily duties without motion. This is why gaining extra weight is much easier.

This causes weight loss industries to misinform people who want to lose weight in a short period of time by some shock diet types.

Although these diet types make fat as if disappear, it leads the overall body health into an unsafe and unstable form.warmup exercise

Below are the top 5 common myths and the truth about them.

1. The first myth is that it is necessary to do a 30 minutes warming up before starting exercises. [warmup exercise]

It is proved that warming up before starting the actual exercise reduces the risk of muscle injuries. However the time for warming up is the most common misinformed issue.

A 30 minute warming up is absolutely not necessary. The time need not be more than 5 minutes. After that the muscles begin to relax, get stamina and be ready to do harder work.

2. The second myth is about fats. It is believed that fat is muscle gaining cellulite deposit and it is completely wrong. The fat will always be fat and the muscle will always be muscle.

Fat and muscle are two different issues and one cannot be turned into another. When doing exercises, the aim must be to burn the fat and feed the muscles. When the fat burns, it means the stored energy inside the fat cells is burning hence the fat cells become minimized until they disappear completely.

3. The third most common myth is the belief that force-exercises work for everyone.

The force exercise done with the belief in a faster muscle toning is totally not worth it. After warming up the muscles for about 5 minutes, it is important to know the individual muscle type that needs work and the body type working in order to evaluate the optimal sort of exercise, which is not always recommended to be done while forcing the muscles.

Human body is created for being active all the time, but if the muscles are forced too much, some damage or injuries – which may be hard to recover from- can occur. So it is important to keep the body active without pushing it beyond its limits.

4. The fourth myth that needs to be brought down is that cardio has immediate results on the body.

Any activity that sweats the overall body and increases the heart beat at comprehensible ratios is the sign of an active body exercising.

Also working out for long hours in a cardio routine will help lose calories. The process takes time and requires patience. It is proven that only after 10 sessions of cardio the body will start showing exact results.

5. Finally, the last myth is about doing the same exercise routine for a long period of time.

The human body has a “problem” that can be explained as the ability to adjust. When doing the same exercise routine for a long time, the body will get used to the routine and will stop evolving. So it is important to change the routine and work on different muscles with different types of exercising.