5 Reasons Why The Gym Doesn’t Work

Many people don’t reap the benefits of constantly attending the gym. They work out and do not see positive results and are confused.

Here are 5 reasons why that may happen.

Lack of tempo when working out is a very important factor when exercising.

By tempo, meaning a person should not lift and lower the weights rapidly 12 times for three repetitions and then call it quits. The muscles do not feel anything that way, so of course there is no difference.

Alternating between speeds and maintaining the speeds is the best way to do it though many do not choose to follow this advice.gym

Doing a rep where the weights are lifted and lowered slowly and another rep that is slightly faster is more beneficial. Unfortunately, gyms can be very distracting, making people being unable to focus on their workout.

Another factor for why gyms do not work is pauses. Between reps there should be a pause, but other factors get in the way. People get distracted or sometimes someone else may take the weights to use and then the other person has to wait.

Next is what a person wears to the gym. Most people wear the wrong clothes and especially the wrong footwear when working out at a gym.

Clothing that allows the body to move fully and freely is important and people make the mistake of wearing something that is either too constricting or much too loose.

Footwear is also very important. Cross training or running shoes are one of the better types to get, but if the exercises require a lot of balance something with a thinner sole may be necessary as the other shoes have thicker soles so keeping balanced is harder.

Many people choose the wrong sneakers for the exercises they do and it hinders their workout.

Another reason is posture. Many people go to the gym to work out and have little understanding on how to properly lift weights or keep the back straight. When exercising is done properly, little or no strain is placed on the back.

The only parts that should feel the burn are those being targeted. This is why they say that one stomach crunch done the right way is better than doing 20 the wrong way. Bad posture can injure the back and even totally negate the effects of a workout.

Boredom is one of the main reasons why going to the gym does not work. People usually go into a gym and it’s the same machines, the same scenery every time. People need variety in order to change and grow and gyms have a limited amount of variety.

There are people who go to the gym regularly, but there are also many who stop going due to some of these reasons. People who wish to be fit should be aware of what works for them, how to exercise properly and also exercise outside whenever possible to have a continuous change of scenery.