5 Tips for Mental Fitness – Part 2

mental fitnessIn part 1 of the post, we discussed about some tips to help you keep your brain fighting fit. Here are some more of them:

1. Drink Coffee. It may be reviled for a number of reasons, but new research is showing how the caffeine in coffee has a protective effect on the brain, even keeping dementia at bay and reducing chances of getting Alzheimer’s significantly.

2. Eat fish. Not only is it good quality protein, it also contains healthy fats – Omega 3 fatty acids – that are imperative for brain function and to keep memory loss and depression at bay.

3. Engage in relaxation and stress reduction activities such as yoga. Also engage in hobbies and interact and socialize with others – all of these help keep the mind active, reduce stress and reduce chances of memory impairment, keeping the brain in good working order.

4. Ditch the supplements. There have been studies recently that tell us that even the ubiquitous multivitamin may have no positive impact. Other supplements, even the so called ‘natural’ ones may have negative impacts and result in problems such as depression, high blood pressure, lowered fertility and so on.

5. Keep your brain busy with mental exercises – a daily crossword or Sudoku, puzzles and brain teasers, can all help. Make sure that you are trying to learn new information, new skills and obtain knowledge constantly in whatever way you can. Studies have shown that lack of education can predict decline of cognitive abilities.