6 Tips to Improve Your Running Speed

Jogging is the new rage and everyone tries to get fit and toned by running those 5K daily or twice a day. As boredom takes over after a few runs, many try to run longer, but in fact, you should try to run faster. Calories are burned faster by a faster running rhythm, not by a longer one, so here are some tips to improve your running speed.

6 Tips to Improve Your Running Speed

Use the Treadmill

It may seem boring, but the treadmill is the best way to increase your running speed. It challenges your body to keep up with the speed on a previously set period. On your own you may not manage to do this, so stick to the treadmill for some time. Start gradually, until you reach the desired time and speed level, then hit the park.

Use Your Friends

After the treadmill, friends are the best choice to run faster as the competition spirit kicks in. Accompany a faster friend on his/her run and focus on keeping up the speed set by him or her. The simple presence of someone else will keep you motivate and help over-run fatigue.

More Steps Packed in a Minute

A fast runner makes more steps than a slow one, so try to increase the number of steps/minute to increase your pace. An easy method is to count the number of steps you make in a minute, multiply them by two and try to reach that goal. A wonder-target is 180 steps, which is considered to be the ideal pace when running efficiently.

Use Your Arms

When you run, your arms will naturally mimic the movement of your legs and their rhythm. So speeding up the movements of your arms will increase your pace and the number of steps made per minute.

Speed up Intervals

Alternating faster pace in your normal pace will help you run faster and eventually increase your pace. After a five minute warm up, start to run at you regular rhythm for another minute, then speed up for a half a minute. After that return to your normal speed for another five minutes then try a faster pace for 45 seconds this time. Gradually increase the time spent speeding up and decrease the normal, slow-running time, until the new pace will be your regular running speed.

Offer Yourself Rest Days

When you are trying to reach a new goal in your physical training sessions set up a rest and work schedule. There are times and days when your body will require some time off and you should grant it. This pauses will allow you to train hard in some sessions and will let your body refuel and replenish the resources when you slow down the rhythm or chose to drink a smoothie instead of running.