7 Summer Fitness Tips For When You’re Vacationing

canoeingAs the summer arrives and the urge to travel is upon you, your fitness routine may suffer. Here, however, are some great tips to incorporate fitness routine into your day even when traveling:

  1. If you are on a boating holiday, anchor the boat at an appropriate place and dive off – swimming and even treading water are excellent cardiovascular activities.
  2. Heading to the lakeside or a similar opens up canoeing options – canoeing is an excellent all over body work out. You can rent out canoes and also take lessons if required – great core exercise, great for back and oblique workout and you are constantly using your legs as stabilizers.
  3. You wouldn’t ordinarily think of rock throwing as any kind of exercise, but it can be! It can be a good work out for the shoulders and abs if you have a little family competition to see who can throw rocks furthers.
  4. Snorkeling may not be a strenuous workout but it can be a good way to keep the body moving.
  5. Throw around a Frisbee.
  6. If heading to the mountains, pole hiking can be an excellent work out.
  7. Even if you’re vacationing at home, go skating, kayaking, hiking, or anything really – fun activities for the entire family, which are great for the body and will create beautiful memories as well!