7 Surprising Fitness Secrets

fitness secretsWell begun is half done, they say and it is the same for weight loss – here are some fitness secrets to help you make that all important start to a weight loss program:

  • Track what you eat; this can make a huge difference to your overall efforts.
  • Rather than labeling some foods as bad and putting them off limits, use portion control techniques for more effective results. Even unhealthy foods may not be a strict no-no as long as they are eaten in moderation.
  • Don’t over exercise. There is an optimal duration of exercise, which will give the best results. Doing too much will cause a person to burn out, giving less than satisfactory results.
  • Pay attention to what you eat as well as what you do. There has to be a balance between intake and output; when changes are made in both instances, results are usually the most encouraging.
  • Take advantage of a support network, online or otherwise.
  • Don’t weigh yourself daily, rather do it weekly.
  • Concentrate not on a short term goal of weight loss, but on the long term goal of changing bad habits. Your goal shouldn’t be to lose X amount of weigh in X amount of time, but to lose a lifetime of bad habits.