Aerobics Vs Weight Training: Which One is Better for your Health?

We do a lot of exercises to lose fat, keep our body fit and our muscles toned. But a lot of time we do not know which type of exercise suits our needs the most! Some people swear by cardio exercises like aerobics while some others are loyal to their weight training programme. There is a lot of debate between these two groups as to which exercise is more effective for the human body.

Thus many beginners of fitness regime are utterly confused when it comes to selecting an exercise genre which suits them. Let us see if we can help them out by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of exercise.

aerobics Vs weight trainingAerobics and Weight Training: Take your Pick

Earlier it was generally believed that cardio is more suitable for women while men will do well to pump irons at the gymnasiums. But this theory has now found its rightful place in the garbage, since women are also taking interest in weight training. Moreover, at one point of time it was believed that cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics are far better than weight lifting when it comes to losing fat. But of late this theory has also been discarded.

There has been a few researches that upheld the virtue of  aerobics over weight training. About two years ago, a Duke Study tried to emphasize on that. The media picked up the story and everyone believed that in order to lose fat one must do aerobics, and pumping irons are only for professional. However, there are newer researches that showed that if you do a session of weight training, before a session of cardio exercises, you are more likely to lose the fat faster. Below given are benefits of both the types:

  • It is true that exercises like aerobics are good for your heart and lung. Especially during the beginning of your exercise regime, these types of physical activities are good for your body. It helps you increase strength in your joints and tandem so that in future you can take up more strenuous weight training exercises. This also helps in blood circulation. Therefore aerobics or for that matter any kind of cardiovascular exercises are very good for your general fitness and health.
  • However, weight training also has serious benefits, not only for professional sportspersons but also common people. This helps in building and strengthening of different muscles of your body.

This is also very important when it comes to loosing excess fat in your body. Earlier, it was believed that aerobics are better for this purpose. However, more recent studies have shown that if you do proper weight training exercises you will lose the flab more quickly than those who practices only aerobics. Experts say that by doing weight trainings you are actually increasing your muscle tissues, which mean burning more calories, and thus you can have a leaner body.

The most recent research shows that all you need is a combined regime which includes both aerobics as well as weight training. However, be careful because this concurrent schedule can also lead to over doing things and eventual burn outs or injuries. Also keep in mind the need to have a balanced diet for keeping fit.