All Or Nothing Thinking: Short Route To Fitness Sabotage

Whether or not we like to admit it, many of us are perfectionists. This attitude carries over into our quest for fitness.

We think that if we can’t perform an exercise properly or if we don’t have the exact right exercise equipment, then there is no point in exercising.

We say we’ll learn more, or we’ll buy what we need, but we never do. We keep postponing exercise for some perfect confluence of circumstances and it never happens. Meanwhile, our fitness suffers.

If you have this kind of attitude, you may be sabotaging your fitness program without even realizing it.running

The thing to remember is that some exercise is better than no exercise. Say you haven’t taken a particular class before, and you’ve been waiting to learn more about the moves before you start. Just jump in!

There’s no better place to learn than in the class. If you have wanted to start a running program but you haven’t found the right shoes, walk instead. Or swim. Whatever you do, get up and get moving.

This is especially important when you have been sick, and you think you have to wait until you are completely well before you can begin exercising again. You are better off getting back into the swing of things as soon as you can.

Just be gentle with yourself and do not overexert. Obviously if you are under a doctor’s care, wait for his OK, and never exercise if you are too sick to do so. But, when you can, start back slowly. You’ll be glad you did.