America and the Obesity Epidemic – Some Facts

According to a new report, America is getting fatter, particularly in the south.  Obesity is nothing short of an epidemic and controlling this is a vital cog in the wheel of health care reform.

With a flourishing weight loss industry and government taking measures to control the problem, the results on the ground are still not to be seen and waistlines continue to bulge. According to a recent report of annual obesity rankings, Mississippi has the dubious distinction of having the highest obesity rates for the 6th year in a row. Worryingly more than 25% of adults in 38 states are obese.

obese manRace, region, income and ethnicity are factors that are seen to be closely connected to rates of obesity. Ethnic groups such as African Americans and Latinos were seen to have higher obesity rates than whites in general.

Also lower incomes were seen to coincide with higher obesity levels: 35% of adults who earn less than $ 15,000 a year were seen to be obese, whereas only 24% of those earning more than 50 thousand a year were seen to be obese.

Childhood obesity is another worrying factor: 84% of parents think that their children are at healthy weight, whereas one third of kids are actually obese or overweight. You can do the math – and then worry.