American Schools Need To Up Their Fitness Game To Fight Obesity

There are some who believe that the current fitness programs in American schools are not enough and with the addition of just a few more elements, the battle against childhood obesity could go up a notch.

In Diane Gallagher’s case she believes that the missing ingredient is dance.

With both a degree and a total love for all forms of dance she is convinced that by adding movement, not only will it be a lot more fun but also it means the whole body is being exercised.

Currently Gallagher runs an after school class at several Manhattan public schools, which involve everything from the Beach Boys to the musicals of Broadway.child fitness

Introducing children, at an early age to the sheer pleasure of dance she believes, means a lifetime of moving every muscles and staying fit.

For Frederick Hahn the thing that is lacking in schools is strength training routine, which he believes is much better than the existing aerobic, low intensity, exercises being taught.

He says that children need to be able to let off plenty of steam and that working out on gym equipment will enable this to happen.

Diet, for Hahn, is a big factor, specifically one low in carbohydrates which is possibly the hardest part for schools to achieve. Awareness could be the key and it is all contained in his book, “Strong Kids, Healthy Kids” just published.

As one of the founders of the National Council for Exercise Standards, Hahn strongly believes that every school in the United Sates should have a gym or at the very least some dumb bells and an exercise machine.