What is Aqua Zumba and How to Get Best Benefit From It

What is Aqua Zumba?

Zumba Fitness lets the participants work on their fitness based on dance moves on Latin and international music. The exercise entails a high impact workout that involves a routine of dance exercise moves on cue from an instructor. When this type of exercise in done in water like in a pool and also led by licensed instructors, it is called Aqua Zumba workout.

Aqua Zumba and its benefits


Large muscle movements are done to exercise body parts by lifting arms and legs in water against the resistance of water. The typical dance steps that are practised in normal Zumba classes on land, like the cha-cha, salsa and reggae are more pronounced, deliberate and slower inside the water. So the aqua Zumba has a slower tempo than Zumba on land.

Who can do Aqua Zumba?

Anyone who is comfortable in water and can follow instructions can opt for Aqua Zumba. The entire workout has different exercises for the different parts of the song like chorus, verse or the bridge. Working out in an Aqua Zumba class is more comfortable than the land version as it does not make you feel as hot as you would feel in a normal land based Zumba class. Since they are low impact, these workouts are even great for elderly dancers who do not have the option of a specialised Zumba Gold class for seniors in the facility they are availing of for the workout.

Even people with a hip or knee replacement could opt for these workouts. Since the water displaces most of the weight of the body, and offers a resistance, the workout is quite different from any land based exercises in so much that the hips, back and knees do not feel the jerks and still the body is working against a resistance that gives a low impact strength training.

How to get the best benefits from Aqua Zumba Workout?

To get the best out of any workout, you need to be aware of what exactly are you working out and what you can expect as an end result as a result of this workout. Aqua Zumba is a workout that uses force or energy in the body and couples it with the buoyancy and viscosity of water to let you work out even the muscles that remain contracted at all times. To get the best out of your Aqua Zumba class see to it that the depth of water you are standing in is up to your collar bone level instead of up to your chest level. Feel the music as you do the moves and let the tension in the water ease out your stress.

Make sure that your instructor is a certified one, as the exercises in water require a specialised understanding of what muscles to work out in what way. Even if the instructor is not certified, at least he or she should have some previous experience of conducting water based exercises.

Photo Credit By: nytimes.com