Are You Obese? How You Can Make A Start On Fitness?

For a person who is severely obese, it is unrealistic and dangerous to expect that they will be able to go right along with a demanding new fitness regimen.

This is because they risk injuring themselves with something that is too demanding up front and long term fitness goals may well become derailed. At some point even walking can be an effort so, start small, start slow; the following tips may help:

Chair Dancing: Sometimes when a person is very obese, even supporting their own weight may be difficult; also there is the risk of injuring the back. It therefore makes sense to start out with sitting exercises such as chair dancing.obese woman

This is basically a work out which requires the person to be seated on a chair the entire time. They are low impact exercises that, as the name suggests require you to dance while sitting. There is arm waving, foot stomping; it can be fun! This youtube video can give an idea of what chair dancing involves so one can decide if it is something that may work for a given individual or something they may enjoy.

Check this video for chair dancing:

Water aerobics: This is another exercise routine where the obese person does not have to support their own weight. The support and feeling of weightlessness that being in the water can give you, can help you do a lot of things that one may not be able to do on dry land as it were. Plus there is the fact that being in the water adds resistance to one’s movements so there is more effort involved and more of a workout one gets.

water aerobics

Walking: Yes even walking can be difficult for the really obese but by making small beginnings and making an incremental improvement each day, one can see an immediate difference in one’s abilities so that you are making at least some progress.

Besides everything else this is free; you don’t need to buy anything in terms of equipment or special gear or specific clothing. The added benefit of getting fresh air is just a bonus!

It is important to make a modest, not so ambitious beginning when one is really obese. Quite simply, anything else is likely to cause an injury that may further complicate matters. One does not want to make a start by falling down and getting hurt or straining a muscle or two or even injuring your spine.