Attitude Is Key To Fitness

If for some people, fitness comes easily, while for others it is literally an uphill task, then there could be several factors at work. There is of course the genetic or hereditary element, but equally fitness is a matter of attitude.

fitnessKellie Tayer, 49, makes sense when she says, that it is a matter of attitude, whether one sees physical activity as fun or not. You could think that playing tennis when it’s 90 degrees is fun or you may not; it’s all a matter of one’s attitude!

Getting fit, particularly making a start that present a problem, since there is a mental barrier to get over.

But once you have got in to the right frame of mind and made that start, you are half way there! Motivation can be difficult, but exercise can bring its own rewards; it can give you a rush so that you feel good physically as well as mentally.

Getting the right attitude and making fitness fun is an excellent start, and then it is important to actually keep it up, by making the commitment to ones’ fitness goals and then doing whatever is need to get there.

The commitment should be such that even a vacation can center around fitness goals.