Back Exercises To Protect Your Back From Injuries And Stress!

Aching back is the complaint every one hears regularly. Back is the main target for injuries and stress.

Every one at some point or the other in their life experience back pain. You need something to favor your back.

Fortunately there are many back exercises that help to protect your back.

Maintain a regular schedule to take of your back along with your weekly routine workouts. You can escape from back pain by maintaining and working with back exercise regularly.

If your body is strong, it supports itself with muscles depending on other muscles. The muscles supporting the back are core or abdominal muscles. These muscles wrap around your middle section and sides to help you remain upright.Back Exercises

If strength is built in the core, then it means you are on the way to build a better support system for the spine. Therefore the back exercise plan includes movements that strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as back muscles. Here are three back exercises back pain relief and you need only yoga mat to perform these exercises.

If you are already suffering from back pain, do not perform these exercises without consulting the doctor. If you place more stress on injured spine, it can increase the damage and create more problems. Your doctor prescribes a wellness plan for your back and spine injury that heals and strengthens the back at the same time. Do not perform the following back exercises without consulting the expert.


The most popular back exercise to strengthen the back is a yoga move known as superman. Take a yoga mat to kneel on. Begin on your hands and knees with your head up. Slowly raise your right arm and left leg at the same time. Hold the position for count of ten and slowly lower both to your starting position. Repeat with left arm and right leg.

Repeat 25 times for each side for a total of fifty movements once every two days. Raising the opposite arm and leg forces your body to balance on the remaining limbs and calls your core muscles into action. Stronger core muscles mean stronger back.

Cat moves:

Think how a cat wakes from a nap and stretches its body. Once the body is stretched, muscles and joints loosen and relax. To perform this back exercise, begin in the same position on your yoga mat as for the superman.

Drop your tailbone, lower your head and suck your belly to back as the letter “C”. Hold the position for count of six and slowly lower to your original position. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of ten repetitions.

This back exercise strengthens both the spine and abdominal muscles and improves the support around the back.

Deadly Cobra:

This back exercise builds and strengthens the muscles and creates more flexibility in the spine. Lie down on yoga mat by facedown. The hands should be placed on the floor at about shoulder height and breathe out as you press down with your hands and lift your upper body.

Don’t allow your hands to carry all the burden of holding you up; involve your core muscles also. Hold the position for count of eight. Release and repeat for three sets of ten repetitions. This back exercise relieves tension in the upper back and shoulders.