Barefoot May Be The Way To Go!

Harvard researchers are now telling us that all the Adidas and Nikes in the world may not be as good for the soul (sole) as the bare foot! According to this report in the Digital Journal barefoot runners in the past who land on the front of their feet may have run more effectively than the modern runner who typically runs with shoes and who are “heel strikers”.

The development of the running shoe in recent times has modified the very way that we run and according to the Harvard researchers, “people who don’t wear shoes have an astonishingly different strike”.

When running barefoot we land on the front ball of middle of the foot, consequently there is no impact collision. On the other hand when shoes are worn for running, there is a very large collision force and impacts are observed to be 2 to 3 times the weight of the runner which can be physically punishing to joints, tendons and muscles and may therefore result in more injuries.