Bear Grylls – The Wild Man Has a Fitness Secret

In case you are a fan of Discovery Channel’s shows, it is almost impossible that you have never seen the show ‘Man vs. Wild’. This is a survival show in which the star, Bear Grylls is dropped in the middle of nothing with the goal of building a shelter and finding food. He has to be a true survivor.

How does he do it?

His secret is that he is working out 6 days per week. One day he does the running. He also takes his dog along and he prefers to do it on the hills. The next is circuit training followed by yoga, that he practices on a weekly basis.

Bear Grylls fitness secret

Another thing that he keeps in mind is healthy nutrition. He usually doesn’t really eat meat, dairy or fish, except for weekends and when he is doing the show.

He says that he is working out for three hours every day. The exercises that he does include running, swimming, climbing, yoga, martial arts, and also strength training. Some of the fans might be interested in how many pushups he could do.

When he was asked he just said that he can do a lot. After further inquiries, he admitted that for starters he could do about 150. He also likes to do pull ups, and in this case he would start with 40. According to him this is great training for climbing.

Has he always been this way?

Actually, he used to be in military, but he got injured. After that he got married and settled to his home. He just sat around and did almost nothing, so he gained about 35 kg. He hated the feeling of being overweight, not to mention that his back still hurt because of the injury. He felt like there was time to make some changes in his life.

As a conclusion we have to say that he is really active. As he has stated, he is using circuit training, which is a great modality to get rid of the excess fat. Also we can draw the conclusion that he is a kind of vegetarian. Nonetheless in case you have seen the show you may know that when he is in the wild he would eat almost anything, including snakes and sheep eyeballs. Some find this disgusting, but remember: he has to survive.

A lot of people would like to be like him, don’t you think?