Beat The Heat And Still Be Fit!

The heat of the sun in the early morning can be so warming but a few hours after that until you reach noontime it can be scorching. This is mother earth telling us we all have abused her that is why we have global warming, preventing us from the outdoor sports placing our exercise regimen, health and figure compromised.

Don’t lose heart because there are ways to deal with this and still be fit; one is to consider an alternative activity that can be done indoors like basketball, volleyball, tennis and many others.

The key is to find an activity that suits your passion and exercise needs. If team sport is not for you consider going to the gym to do aerobics or power lifting.

Consider also swimming, yoga, boxing or even dancing.

You may just find out you have a liking for something you thought was never there before.

But if you really opt to do outdoor sports wear lightweight and think about adjusting your time schedule to early morning activities and be sure to keep yourself well hydrated or you may end up having a heat stroke.

If you are not for any of these activities you may simply wander inside the mall for hours and check all the new stores and shops or go for a leisure shopping while burning calories to make you fit the best part is you enjoyed it!

Last and one of the most important parts to be fit is to have a balanced diet; have more vegetables, fruits and natural juices, avoid junk and fatty foods and drink lots and lots of water.