Beckhams : His vs. Her Tight Workout Routine

When people hear about the Beckham family, they are instantly thinking of two beautiful people. Still we have to consider that maintaining all that beauty costs a lot of hard work.

Both Victoria and David are working out, but they have different routines, since they have different goals to achieve.

Beckhams Workout

David Beckham

It is said that he tried various workout routines, and it is just natural that not all of them worked. He said that in a period he has been working with weights and he put on about 14 pounds. Although he looked really muscular, he wasn’t able to do the thing he needs most on the field: to run.

He says that his vision of life is really simple. The most important things are family and football, along with charity work and endorsement responsibilities. He also thinks that the achievements of a team depend on the personal achievements. When it came to his routines he has always been concentrating on himself and not on the abilities of the other team. The most important thing for everybody is to do their job.

Victoria Beckham

Although she is already 36, she is still a fitness icon, and with her toned body, any woman would want to become just like her.

She finds it very important to have cardiovascular exercises, and for this she is running about 4-5 miles every day. The good side of this kind of workout is that people are able to burn a lot of calories in a relatively short period of time. The only problem with it is that you could burnout if you do too much of it. The negative side effects of too much cardio include inflammation. Naturally this cannot happen to the people running a few miles daily.

She visits a health club each morning, and she really likes to work on the treadmill. In case you would like to burn fat then you should be working out in the morning, before you eat because this is when the body is most prepared to burn calories.

According to her husband, she is obsessed with working out, but we have to admit that if a person has a good system and a schedule, the results for sure will come on the long run. This is a piece of advicethat everybody should follow in order to be able to achieve good results in the future.