Become Yourself a Fitness Trainer to Guide Your Own Workout!

Are you wishing to have your own personal fitness trainer to guide you through your workout? Worried because you are not able to afford a fitness trainer?

You can incorporate the trainer hints and tips on your own into your daily routine and make your workout even more effective.

Becoming a fitness trainer yourself:

  1. Fitness TrainerWorkout partner: Benefit of having a fitness trainer is to hold and watch your exercise performance. You can ask a reliable friend within your circle of friends to be your workout partner. Working with your friend can increase your staying on track with your exercise. If you fail to attend a session, keep a fine so that if you skip the session, it costs you money. At the end of the workout that is after a predetermined time, count the money and use it to treat you and your partner. Even in a busy schedule a five minute workout will be a great benefit for you.
  2. Shorter workouts: Everyone has to workout for forty to forty five minutes regularly. But today’s busy schedules, finding time to exercise is difficult. According to the studies, there is no need of long workouts, instead shorter 10 minute workout for three times can strengthen the body and improve your health. Fit shorter workouts throughout the day and you can reach ideal activity level of 45 minutes to one hour.
  3. Overcome your excuses: Fitness trainers deal with the persons who make all kinds of excuses to get out of a session or to avoid any exercise and keep that person in the track. When you are your own fitness trainer, it is difficult to discipline yourself to exercise schedule. Sit down and write all the excuses you use to avoid exercising. If lack of time is an excuse, oppose it with suggestions for short and frequent workouts rather than long session.
  4. Intensify your workout: Most fitness trainers recommend increasing the intensity of workout to see improvement in your strength and aerobic capability. Boosting the intensity keeps your body challenged and working harder. Therefore you have to intensify the level of exertion and you can produce amazing changes in few workouts. You can add 3 to 5 pounds extra weight to see the difference after few sessions.
  5. Add variety to workouts: The fastest way to see the results is to add varieties in your exercise program. Fitness trainers recommend altering the program for every few days. You change the routine every few days to prevent your body from becoming conditioned to the same exercise every day. Changing up the routine calls different muscles for different activities. More muscles will be worked and you can see the results in less time. You can add weight lifting to your cardio routine.
  6. Have fun while exercising: The main complaint about exercise is that many people feel bored quickly. Fitness trainers help you to get out of boredom by changing your routine or offering new workouts. Choose enjoyable weight loss exercise programs to come out of boredom. Instead of working on the treadmill, go outside with your kids and jump on the trampoline.
  7. Schedule the workout: Appointing a personal fitness trainer is a commitment of time, money and energy. Because of the commitment with fitness trainer, people stick with the program. You have to apply the same thing when you are performing at home. It increases your chances of having a consistent workout plan. Routine workouts should be scheduled like other appointments.
  8. Reward yourself: Check out your workout program and assess your progress. Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight or improve your health, reward yourself for the hard work and achievements.