Discovering the Benefits of Tennis Strength Training

There are numerous people that like to play tennis, but they aren’t professionals, and chances are they don’t want to become one. They simply like the game.

If this is the case for you as well, then you might want to improve your game, and one of the best methods is strength training.

Tennis Strength TrainingSuch training could make all the difference between winning and losing a game. Still you should make sure that you do it right, because otherwise you might ruin the purpose of getting better at tennis.

As a result of this training you might achieve higher speed, acceleration and endurance and you might decrease the occurrence of the injuries caused by this activity.

In order to have effective and efficient tennis strength training, you might want to think about periodization.

This means that you divide your training program into several smaller training programs. In many cases there are four distinct periods that you should focus on.

The first phase is the off-season, followed by the early pre-season, the third is the late pre-season and in the end there is the in-season phase.

The first phase might be the foundation of tennis strength training that will become the basis of your training offering a general level of fitness.

The next phase is the maximum tennis strength training. In this phase you will increase your strength that will turn into power and speed on the court.

The third phase is the conversion to power and strength endurance, during which you will perform more and more exercises that are related to the game. In the end there is the circuit training that will enable you to maintain your physical abilities.

The purpose of the training is to prepare every muscle and not forget about smaller muscles that might get injured in case they are neglected in training but overworked during the actual tennis exercise.