Wish to Have the Best Pilate DVD Selection? Follow These Tips

Pilates is a physical exercising system which helps in improving flexibility and muscle strength.  It has several exercise routines for benefiting different parts of the body. If you are into Pilates or wish to learn the best way to do Pilate exercises, then you may either need to join a class or take DVD lessons.

There is a wide range of Pilate DVDs available out there and it is difficult to tell, just by looking at the cover which DVD is better than the other. So to help you out with this, the following are some useful tips to select the best DVD for Pilates:

tips for Pilate DVD Selection

Go by your need

If you are someone who has never taken a class for Pilates or who isn’t really aware of its exercise routines etc., then it is always better for you to search a DVD for beginners.  Don’t go for an advanced level DVD as it is most likely to miss out on the basics and will leave you confused. But if you are someone who has done Pilate workout before, then you can opt for a DVD that matches your level of expertise or experience.

Take advice

If you know someone who is a part of a Pilate class, then there is no harm in asking for help. You can tell him/her about your needs and then take advice as this will help you select a perfect DVD to match your requirements.

With or without necessary equipment’s

Some Pilate DVDs come with added accessories or equipment’s which may help you in performing the workout. So it is up to you to purchase such a DVD or not. If you already have bought the accessories or will be able to borrow them from someone, then avoid buying this DVD as it may cost more.

Go for a DVD with more instructions

On the cover of the DVD, you will find information about whether or not the DVD comes with added instructions for you to perform the exercises correctly. Always go for a DVD which has more instructions and better video quality/content. Some DVDs only have the videos and no real instructions and are thus a total waste of money.

Opt for a DVD with free music CD

Some Pilate exercise DVDs come with an added benefit of a music CD.  This music, if played in the background can prove to be a great motivator and will encourage you to do better. One should always opt for such a DVD, if available.

Read reviews

If you are still confused about which DVD to buy, then you can always go online and read customer reviews to put an end to your confusion.

Go for Pilates DVD meant for specific body part toning

If you are on an advanced level of Pilates workout, and wish to work on a particular part of the body, then you must opt for a DVD which focusses on a certain part of the body, like the back or the neck.

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