Beware Of Germy Gyms!

working out at gymsWhen you think about it, all those people working out at gyms, with their individual conditions, touching equipment, standing on mats and sweating all over, gyms are among the ‘germiest’ places. Germs can be anywhere in the gym:

  • Anything that has handles could harbor germs
  • From the shower you can catch athlete’s foot if you don’t use gym slippers
  • When the previous user has sweated on a Yoga mat just before you, you could end up with Folliculitis.
  • Used towels could harbor fungal bacteria such as ringworm

So what can you do to avoid germs at the gym?

  • Wipe down all the surfaces, mats, buttons or handles before use. Use anti bacterial wipes if possible. Exercise machines are the germiest place in the gym according to studies, so you should be extra careful while using them
  • Wear shower shoes while showering
  • Keep all abrasions and cuts covered to avoid infection
  • Shower directly after the gym to avoid chest and back acne etc
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Bring your own things and use them – such as towels, shower shoes, razors etc.