Blake Lively and A Diva Style Hot Body

Blake Lively, the marvelous ‘Gossip Girl’ star is one of the hottestHollywoodcelebrities of the moment, and it is no wonder: this tall blonde is in wonderful shape and she is driving all the male fans crazy. So how does she do it?

Blake Lively and A Diva Style Hot Body


She has a quite aggressive training schedule incorporating circuit workout routine. In order to stay in top shape, she is working out 5 times a week and the workout routine that she has, addresses the core, arms and legs. In case you would like to build stamina, cardio muscle and strength, then you should most definitely consider circuit training.

She also has some dynamic core moves. The core workout is assuring her that she has the flat tummy she needs in front of the cameras. She is working with plank and balance ball.

To maintain the wonderful long legs that she has she is practicing polyometrics. She has fat burning workouts also, like squat jumps to work the leg muscles.

Diet plan

It’s not enough to be working out, but the nutrition is also important when it comes to shaping the body. This is why she is on a strict diet. Her diet has to offer her enough energy, but shouldn’t be too much either.

This is why she has a diet rich in proteins that keeps her body fit and Blake Livelyfor such roles as the one in ‘The Green Lantern’.

As an example, for breakfast she has oatmeal with fresh fruits, like apple or strawberries. For lunch she can have chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Usually her dinner dishes include fish and vegetables.

Naturally she is also allowed to have some snacks, but these also have to be controlled. The snacks she is usually having include dried fruits, berry and nut mixes but also bananas covered in dark chocolate.

As you can see she is having everything that comes with important nutrients, like proteins, vitamins and minerals, but for sure you won’t find on her list fried foods, processed foods or fatty burgers. These are a big no-no in case you would like to have a fit looking body.

You could also achieve a body just like hers, but you must be persistent and you should never forget about the goal you have, not even when you are passing in front of a fast-food and the French fries smell so good; just keep on walking.