Boost Your Metabolism With Metabolism Speed Up Activities!

Metabolism is a process which makes your body to burn calories required for your daily functions.

This metabolism will be always running in your body, even when you sleep also.

Metabolism speed up helps to burn more calories in your daily routine which leads to weight loss.

The 10 major factors that affect the metabolism are:

  • Weight gain
  • Body size
  • Body composition
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Heredity
  • Drugs
  • Psychological state
  • Temperature
  • hormones

Weight gain is the aspect which will lower your metabolism rate. Even though fat body requires more calories to perform daily activities; it will not help to move your body as active as lean body.Metabolism Speed Up

Body size has the major influence on the metabolism rate. Big body requires more calories to perform their regular activities. Therefore the rate of metabolism will be more on them.

Body composition is also important aspect in metabolism speed up. An over weight person or a person with high body composition can burn more calories in short period of time, but he cannot able to perform the activity or exercise for long time where as the leaner persons will be more active and can perform the activity constantly.

Age will also affect metabolism rate. Many people will gradually decline their lean body weight and become fat when they are aged above 30. The metabolism speed up will be more in young people.

Sex: Men will have high metabolism rate when compared to women because they will have high lean mass muscles due to the male sex hormones.

Heredity: Differences in genes can affect your metabolism.

Some drugs will help to speed up your metabolism. Most common two products which help for metabolism speed up are nicotine and caffeine.

Psychological state: Anxiety and stress will naturally increase the energy expenditure. [Stress and Anxiety Disorders]

Temperature: The climate and atmosphere present around you will also affect your metabolism rate.

Hormones can influence metabolism because they control many of the body’s chemical processes.

Several ways to speed up your metabolism are:

  • Eat breakfast because your body requires essential proteins and nutrients for its metabolic functions.
  • Eat specific foods which help to metabolism speed up such as spices.
  • To obtain good metabolism rate try to take 5 to 6 mini meals per day instead of taking three whole meals in a day.
  • Make sure that you ate enough food or not. Many of them make mistakes in this. It is essential to consume the required calories necessary for your body.
  • Try to increase your daily activities with various methods. This helps to prevent the storage of fat in your body.
  • Go for some weight lifting exercises before going for cardiovascular workouts.
  • Try to change up your exercise routine in regular basis.
  • Maintain perfect meal combinations. Try to take proteins and carbohydrates meals earlier in the day. In afternoon time, take the food which contains proteins and fat combination. Never eat carbohydrates and fats at the same time.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption.

These are some tips which help for metabolism speed up.