Boxing Workouts – A Fitness Option You May Not Have Considered

boxing workoutsTo begin with, it is important to understand that boxing workouts are not just for boxers.

They can be a challenging and effective way to stay fit and healthy, an exercise that is strenuous in a way you may not realize. Boxing workouts can offer many benefits:

  • Offering a whole body workout
  • Increasing body strength
  • Increasing endurance and stamina
  • Providing a great cardiovascular exercise
  • Increasing speed and coordination
  • It is also a form of strength or resistance training that will help to build lean muscle
  • It can also inculcate a sense of self discipline that can help you stick to a fitness program
  • It is possible to have your own boxing workouts at home, with no need to go to the gym; just little equipment are required. All that you really need is some space cleared out in a basement or garage or even a corner of the apartment and a punching bag conveniently suspended
  • Boxing workouts can have the additional and unexpected benefit of helping one work aggression out of the system in a safe and effective manner, thereby helping to lower stress
  • Boxing workouts can also help you master certain useful real life skills that can come in hand in terms of self defense and so on
  • They are not just for the men either; boxing workouts can be as effective a fitness program for women

A typical boxing workout can go somewhat like this –

Warm up for the first five or so minutes alternating between step touches and jumping jacks.

Punching is obviously the main part of boxing workouts and you can begin with some of these drills –

  • First, alternate between left and right punches and then continue to do so as fast as you can for a couple of minutes
  • Second, alternate right and left punches and then similarly continue as fast as you can for a further couple of minutes
  • Once again perform alternate punches in sets of 8 with slight breaks in between

The right way to form a fist for boxing workouts is to curl your fingers into your palms and putting your thumbs over the index fingers. The thumbs shouldn’t be inside your fists. Also your fists should be in line with your wrists, rather than angles in or out.