Can Your Footwear Make You Fitter?

You’ve all seen the commercials of all the super fit athlete types, with the firm and uber toned bodies peddling ‘ground breaking’ footwear technology that will boost fitness, or promise to take you further, higher, faster etc. So what is it about footwear that makes it so special and can footwear really make you fitter?

When you say that if fitness is a matter of no pain no gain, it applies to footwear as well. There is no way that any kind of footwear, no matter how advanced is ever going to make you fitter without sincere efforts being made by you as well.

The right shoes may add an extra edge to your workout or your run etc., but to expect footwear to work without your own effort is just naïve.

Yes good quality footwear can be more comfortable and therefore may prompt you to walk more than you otherwise would. For instance if you’re going grocery shopping, you may be tempted to walk if your shoes are super comfortable.

Also, many sports shoes can add inches so that you may appear taller; which may be a good thing and may even add to your confidence. But again, if you’re expecting your shoes to do work for you, you’re wasting your time!