Celeb Fitness Tips You Can Use

Celebs look the way that they do not just due to great genes (though they help considerably) but also because of some hard work and effective advice from fitness and nutrition experts. Knowing about celeb fitness secrets can help add something to one’s own fitness regime and also inspire us.

Lady GaGa’s Fitness Secrets

Lady GaGa celeb fitness secret involves a ‘Harleybar’ that her trainer Harley Pasternak has fashioned for her which is compact and flexible and is a hybrid barbell-dumbbell kit. The aim for the chart busting pop star is to keep herself looking fit and lean but sexy and feminine at the same time.

Celeb Fitness TipsThe accent is on getting and maintaining great abs which should look good from every angle and on having a great posture and lots of energy for all her very vigorous dance performances.

She trains about 5 times a week for about 25 minutes, is advised to be active all day, even outside the gym, eat healthy and get enough sleep.

Her Italian ancestry means that she enjoys looking Italian food as well as Asian recipes, both of which are her favorites.

Scarlett Johansen’s Fitness Mantras

As one of the most famous faces currently in Hollywood, another woman with an enviably sexy frame is Scarlett Johansen whose trainer Bobby Storm is said to have transformed her body.

The idea was to transform her body into one of an action hero, a requirement for her film Iron Man 2 which had physically demanding action and also required that look.

This involved cutting out high GI carbs like white bread, flour and pasta as well as sugar and salt, and concentrating on healthy proteins such as turkey, fish and eggs. Her training routine involved different exercises for an hour and a half everyday which included kickboxing, weight training, plyometrics and kettle bells and so on.

Balance and stability received a boost with sprinting and lifting.

Ashley Greene’s Fitness Fundamentals

Another Hollywood star, some may say not an A lister but one who has an ever increasing fan base for that perfect body, is Ashley Greene and her fitness fundamentals are these: Greene shot to fame with her portrayal of Alice the vampire in the Twilight series films and is known to have a fabulously toned body that she achieved with the help of Pilates, body awareness and therapeutic exercise says her trainer Risa Sheppard.

It was Pilates and a special Pilates machine called the ‘Reformer’ that offered great results almost immediately and added strength and flexibility to the actor’s body. It was not just about getting into shape but also avoiding injury and learning to use the body correctly. This also helped get rid of the low back pain that Ashley suffered from.

Looking at the very different kinds of workout regimes that these celebrities use, it is easy to see that each one of us has very different kinds of bodies and so very different exercise and food regimes may work for each of us.

The trick is to find out what kind of training and exercise routine and diet works best for you personally so that you can enjoy the best levels of fitness possible.