Celeb Who Are Actually Being Honest About Being Fit

Usually the celebrities like people to believe that they like being fit and that they don’t mind all the work that they have to do to stay in shape.

However, there are a few celebrities who are willing to talk honestly about this matter and who share their problems with the rest of the world.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress doesn’t like to say that she likes to exercise. Even more, she would happily punch in the face the people who say such things. She says that she doesn’t mind getting in shape for a movie.

Jennifer Lawrence

This is because she gets a trainer and people tell her what to eat. She also adds that she exercises but she just won’t go on a diet. This is because she can’t work out when she’s hungry.

Molly Sims

She admits that she has to do a lot of work to stay in shape. This means that she works out for 60-90 minutes at least five days a week. In the same time she also has a diet that is rich in fiber and low in calories.

Adriana Lima

The model managed to shock people when she revealed her intense training program before the shows.

She has to work out twice a day. In the same time she has a liquid diet for 12 days before the show.

12 hours before the show she doesn’t drink anything. We have to admit that her diet is pretty extreme.

Nonetheless some of the people were relieved to find out how hard she has to work for her looks.

Julianne Moore

She thinks that a diet made of yogurt, cereals and granola bars is boring. She hates to be on a diet and she hates even more the fact that she has to do it just to have the right size.

She doesn’t like being hungry all the time. According to her she is a slender person, but the industry doesn’t agree with her. She thinks that all the actresses are always hungry.

Jessica Simpson

The singer admits that she is larger than she has ever been, but now she doesn’t mind. She wants people to see her baby bump. In the same time she is tired of all the people freaking out about the weight they gain during their pregnancy.

She preferred to enjoy the moments of her pregnancy and she chooses to worry about the baby weight later.