Dance and Fidget Your Way to Fitness?

We all know that exercise and regular activity of any kind that gives the heart and the body a workout is excellent for health and we all hopefully try to achieve reasonable amounts of activity each day.

However as more and more research is done into the impact exercise has on us, the more we are finding out about the kind of activity that can help us, and to what extent.

Dance and FidgetAre recent study suggests that any kind of activity, even just moving around in a manner that we don’t ordinarily think of as exercise, may be able to help us with our fitness levels.

A kinesiology researcher at the Queen’s University in Canada found that even incidental physical activity helps boost cardio-respiratory fitness.

Everyday activities such as cooking, window shopping, climbing stairs, even walking down the hallway to the desk of a co-worker, can be helping in boosting fitness levels.

According to study leader Ashlee McGuire, these activities don’t take up much time, they aren’t difficult and are still able to be of benefit to us.

So any excuse that you have to get up and get moving; take it. For instance don’t send an email or speak to a coworker over the phone – take the opportunity to stretch your legs, get some much needed blood circulation going; go over and personally deliver the message or document to the coworker.

Who knows, you probably ended up increasing your fitness in the bargain.

So clearly any kind of activity is important for the body, even dance! Increasingly the various healthful properties of dance are coming to the fore in recent times. Not only is dance a great aerobic activity, it can also be a way to get out and be more sociable and meet with likeminded and similarly aged individuals.

Among the dance styles that are shooting up the popularity charts is Zumba. And now it is Zumba fitness dance software that is topping the charts. The program uses sexy Latin music and dance numbers, such as Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Mambo, Rumba, Flamenco and Calypso.

There are 30 Zumba dance routines, using an existing Wii Remote and a unique Wii Remote Belt that comes along with the product. There is four player support, multiple skill levels (including a training level), choice of venue (factory, fantasy night club, skyscraper top and so on) as well as a built in instructor for the workout.