Dancing Your Way To Fitness

Dance is a form of art that involves movement of the whole body rhythmically in tune with the music that requires flexibility, power, endurance and coordination. Historically it was used in different cultures in ceremonies, rituals and celebration to distinguish one race from another.

Today, dance has evolved not only as a form of non verbal expression, social interaction and spiritual communication, but, has moved towards being incorporated in gymnastics, martial arts and is now considered a sport.

Dance is now used in different competitions like aerobics, ballet, dance, hip-hop and many others. It is also used as a career like dance teaching, dance sport coach, dance therapist and choreographer.

Fitness on the other hand, is the general state of good health as a result of good nutrition and of being physically active to maintain good figure and physical condition.

Now mix dance and fitness together and you get a healthier, younger and slimmer you not to mention you have a lot of fun doing it. Talk about cardio and respiratory endurance; your dance moves will improve them.

Talk about flexibility and power, your dance routine will challenge and advance your limit. Lastly, unlike routine exercises, dancing requires coordination in movement that needs mental alertness and artistic state of mind so it’s not only a physical but a mental exercise as well.

Since dancing is a fun way to exercise that builds your stamina and gives you mental alertness people do it long term unlike other exercise programs that over time becomes boring that’s why people quit after some time.

As a result, people become happy, look and feel younger and enjoy life to the fullest even in advance age. This activity can also be a bonding moment with friends and loved ones. Studies even show that it improves partner relationship in terms of intimacy and sexuality.

Dancing is a challenging activity, but serves so many benefits and is fit for all ages, so if you are not into sports or gym and aerobics, dancing may just be for you.

There are a lot of routine and steps you can choose from, from ballet, ballroom dancing, pole dancing, jazz and hip-hop. Who knows if you get very good at it you may even earn from it. So get up and wear your dancing shoes on your way to fitness and health.