Denise Austin Speaks About Keeping Fit

TV fitness expert Denise Austin shared her fitness tips speaking to LA Times recently –

fitness tips

  • Women should take care of themselves, and remain fit so that they have the energy to make sure that the entire family is healthy.
  • Even butter and sugar are OK to have so long you have them in moderation and eat healthy – fresh fruits and veggies each day.
  • Different fitness methods – Pilates, aerobics, kettle bells; all of them do good things for the body, and all of them can help you get into shape.
  • It is important for people to do a variety of different things when it comes to fitness; and even include sits ups and ab exercises. These not only help keep your stomach toned and flat, they also help to keep the back healthy and help to make you feel younger.
  • It is important to start each day upbeat and to encourage kids to do the same. Being positive is a great way to balance life and keep your fitness goals on track. Choose to be healthy and happy!