Do You Have A Tidy Home? It May Mean You Are Fit As Well

A recent study has found there to be a correlation between a clean house and a fit body. Earlier the factors such as residential environments such as the conditions of streets and sidewalks, air quality, and condition of sidewalks had been the subject matter of studies examining people’s levels of fitness. This study on the other hand examined how the neatness and cleanliness inside the house impacted fitness levels.

The logic for this finding was quite reasonable and logical: the better kept the home, the more exercise the resident was likely to have been getting.

If you spend a lot of time sweeping, dusting, mopping and washing as well as spending time on home up keep and repair, you are likely to be expending a considerable amount of calories doing that and are consequently likelier to be more fit.

There is also the other factor of personality to be considered: people who are goal oriented and capable of self regulation are more likely to be fit; they are also more likely to keep a cleaner house, it is suggested.

A long term study was conducted, involving nearly a thousand African Americans who are seen to have a disproportionately high degree of cardiovascular and other obesity related diseases.