Effective Workouts For Busy Moms To Stay Fit

Women often find it difficult to follow an exercise routine with their busy schedule; looking after kids, managing regular household activities and other responsibilities.

As a busy mom, it is essential that you take some time out of your busy schedule for a fitness exercise routine, whether the goal is long-term weight loss or optimal fitness.

Fitness exercises for busy moms

Here are a few simple and effective exercises especially for busy moms.

Butterfly Ab Curls

Start the workout by lying on the floor, keeping the heels of the feet in concert with the knees bent to the sides, attaining a frog-like posture. Keep the arms straight above your head, form a circle, and raise the head, neck and shoulders up from the floor by breathing out and pulling the abs in.

Hold the position for about five seconds and get back to the original starting position. While doing the workout, exhale firmly and lift the head, neck and shoulder off the floor through pulling the abdominals in, up and back to the spine.

Tricep Push-up Extension

Regular practice of the workout gives added arm strength. Usually, the biceps get over-worked with the movement of picking or lifting up weights. So, it is most essential to balance out the biceps. Also, keep the triceps strong to avoid unwanted strain on them.

As a modified position, place the hands on the floor with shoulder width part and knees bent on the ground. Slightly press the pelvis forward, applying pressure on the abdominals that balance out the spine.

Now, by placing the theraband under the right hand that lies on the floor, extend the other arm in a tricep extension. Be careful while extending the arm; always place the wrist in line with the hand to avoid unwanted strain/stress.

Try to keep the abs strong and don’t forget to contract them, as they play a vital role in balancing and protecting the back.

Rotator-Cuff Strengthener

To do the workout, it is essential to have a light theraband, a small piece of equipment to carry and use anywhere. One can use this excellent exercise equipment for exercising either in a seated or standing position. Start the workout by holding the elbows near to the waist, keeping the palms towards the sky and holding the theraband. Then, pull the hands away from each other by rotating the shoulders externally.

The workout mainly focuses on rotator cuff muscles, the small muscles that balance the shoulder joint. Remember that if these rotator cuff muscles become weak from over-use, you may end up with potential injuries such as bicep tendonitis or shoulder pain. These injuries are most common in moms, who usually do everything with one hand.