Encourage Your Child To Be An Athlete With These Tips

young athleteWhile the end result will lie in the child’s own talent and determination to succeed, parents and coaches can contribute to children’s athletic efforts by these top 10 lessons for young athletes:

  1. Correct fundamentals ought to be inculcated at a young age so that they become a habit that is lifelong.
  2. Practice is not what makes perfect; rather it is perfect practice that makes perfect so a knowledgeable coach is of paramount importance.
  3. Even for young athletes, strength training is of utmost importance. Age appropriate strength training is a must.
  4. Let it be fun. To keep one motivated, interested, and to reach potential, the training should be fun and engaging.
  5. It is important for the athlete himself to be receptive to coaching rather than being some sort of know-it-all.
  6. There should be balance in the life of the athlete, so that over training and over playing won’t lead to burn out.
  7. Honest and truthful evaluation of skill and progress are very important.
  8. Overcome defeats and bad performances, by looking forward and erasing the bad memories.
  9. Maintain a positive and confident outlook, because this can be the key to success.
  10. The player should continue to play as long as he or she enjoys it; rather than quitting at another’s say so.