End Of Child Obesity In A Generation – Michelle Obama

Child obesity is clearly an issue close to the heart of the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and it is one that she has resolved to champion in order to make a real difference.

As a parent herself who is struggling to make a difference to her own daughter’s health and eating habits, she is trying her best to sound a wakeup call for all Americans.

child obesity

It is her goal to “Eliminate childhood obesity in a generation” according to this USA Today report. Her reasons could very well be yours and ours:

  • 32% of children and adolescents today — 25 million kids — are obese or overweight
  • Being overweight increases children’s risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Children are likely to live shorter lives than their parents
  • The direct and indirect cost of obesity is as high as $147 billion annually