Eva Longoria’s Secrets for a Truly Sexy Body

She isn’t known only as one of the “Desperate Housewives”, but also because of her figure and a healthy lifestyle. You can be sure that there are a lot of women who would like to be more like her.

Eva Longoria’s Secrets


According to Eva Longoria it is easier to stay fit once you get committed to a healthy lifestyle. Also it is easier to go to the gym regularly when you have a routine. According to her, she always starts the day with a work out. She likes to keep things varied, and this is why there are different routines that she tries.

It is known that she is a fan of yoga, strength training, cardio workouts and she also likes to go hiking with her friends. She says that if you change the routine from time to time it will become easier to stay fit and you will have a lot more fun working out.

Eva Longoria’s Diet

She confessed that she considers herself a big eater, but she is aware of the fact that she needs healthy nutrition if she wants to take care of her body as she should. She has a healthy diet most of the time, but from time to time she allows herself to indulge with her favorite Mexican dishes without feeling guilty.

Know your body and get active

The actress says that she has always been active starting with the moment she learned to walk. Before she became an actress, she was an aerobics instructor and also a cheerleader. Since then she had an active lifestyle she managed to get to know her body and so it was easier for her to stay on the right track.

Give back

Even though she has a busy schedule she always finds some time for charity in active ways, such as volleyball tournaments. In case you are an active person as well, you could find some ways to get involved in charities, such as AIDS LifeCycle, Avon breast cancer walk and others.

Social network

No matter how busy she is, she finds time for relationships. Studies show that having sisters is good for mental health, and the actress is lucky enough to have three!. She said that while some people collect stamps, she collects smart and intelligent women around herself that she can share things with.