Exercise Could Help With Mental Health, Specially For Women

woman exercisingExercise is good for many different things relating to health, including our brains, researchers now tell us. In particular, it is of great benefit for women and women who were very active during their teens were seen to be the most benefited by exercise, according to the New York Times.

Almost ten thousand women over the age of 65 participated in a study that yielded the results that exercise early in life can help to keep away mental decline later in life.

The cognitive function of the women was tested and they were asked questions about their levels of physical activity during their teens, their 30s through to their 50s.

It was found that those women who were regularly active reduced their risk of mental impairment and that women who were active during their teens were seen to be least at risk. 8.5 of those who were active teens were seen to suffer cognitive impairment whereas 16.7 of those who were inactive teens were seen to be impaired in terms of cognitive ability. It was concluded that being physically active as a teen helps reduced chances of mental and cognitive impairment by as much as 35%.